Keepin’ It Real in Canggu

seminyak beach la plancha

After catching a stunning sunset at La Plancha on Seminyak Beach, we traveled to our new 2 week home in Canggu! A surfer’s paradise, Canggu is only 10 minutes away from Legian, but landscape and vibe-wise the two couldn’t be more different.

Legian had tourists and nightclubs. Canggu’s got rice paddies and roosters. And surfers. SO MANY SURFERS. (Ladies, you like man-buns? Get. Here. Now.)

Our hotel is situated on a residential street, but looks like something carved into the middle of a magical rainforest. See evidence of this description in the photo below.

lubdhaka hotel

We’ve got a huge room with our own patio that makes for a wonderful spot to drink Bintangs, listen to music, write blog posts, and hang out with the hotel cat that I’ve affectionately named “Kitty”.

So what have we been doing in this small town? It’s been a steady diet of beach days, Stevo surfing (I haven’t yet because I’m basically lazy and slightly terrified), yoga and eating Nasi Campur. I haven’t grabbed any video or photos of Stevo riding the waves – I’ve been concentrating really hard on tanning…er, burning – but I have taken photos of the delicious food we’ve been eating.


Because clearly, I care more about what I’m shoving in my face than the sick new skills my boyfriend is developing out in the ocean. I’m terrible. But my god the food has been good here.

Betelnut Cafe's Mezze Plate - hummus, feta, pita, falafel, tempeh, red peppers, sundried tomatoes, greens
Betelnut Cafe’s Mezze Plate – hummus, feta, pita, falafel, tempeh, red peppers, sundried tomatoes, greens

Our favourite restaurant is Warung Bu Mi – a family run place that specializes in Nasi Campur – a dish comprised of rice, veggies, tofu, tempeh, corn fritters, peppers (and pretty much anything else the ladies have cooked that day). Stevo and I have eaten it 4 times in a week. It’s THAT good.

Nasi Campur from Warung Bu Mi
Nasi Campur from Warung Bu Mi

We’ve also chowed down at Warung Bambuku on their Beef Rendang (it’s beef that simmers in coconut milk and spices for hours until all the liquid evaporates). Just writing about it makes my mouth water. I mean, LOOK AT IT.

Beef Rendang from Warung Bambuku
Beef Rendang from Warung Bambuku

Outside of eating we’ve been learning about an important Balinese holiday that’s been taking place this week called Galungan! All of Canggu has been decorated with penjor, or bamboo poles with offerings for the ancestors suspended at the end. Canggu’s temples have been packed with locals each night, music plays loudly and incense burns wildly all over town. It’s kind of been a cool way to start our own holiday celebrations.

Streets are lined with penjor
Streets are lined with penjor as offerings for deceased ancestors

Next week we make our way to Ubud where we’ll live and work for a full month. No beaches or surfing in Ubud, but a lot of yoga and a community workspace that we’re pumped to visit.

Talk soon, xo

Things I’ve Seen:

bali sunset

surf boards


rice paddies



P.S. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! Hope you all have an amazing holiday 🙂 I’ll fill you in next time on how we spent Christmas Day (hint: in Uluwatu) and whether or not we watched Love Actually (hint: of course we did).

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