Getting Healed in Ubud

Tourists. Yoga. Healers. Spirituality. Vegan. Eat Pray Love references literally everywhere – these are the things that come to mind when I think about how to describe our home of the last few weeks. A bigger city than Canggu (they’ve got just as many roosters, but no beaches to speak of), Ubud has definitely got its own thing going on!

Here’s the scoop:

First of all, the place is swarming with fit-bodied women looking to find themselves and their higher purpose through any and all means imaginable. It starts with the yoga and ends… nowhere. Honestly, from mastering your breath to colonoscopies to reflexology to opening your chakras to eating leaves that clean your blood to naked body scrubs in third world bathrooms, the list is seemingly endless. Whatever you need, don’t need, thought you needed to get right with yourself – it is here. Come and get it.

L to R: Grass in trays that you can put your feet in while you eat so that your energy is released; Sexual De-Conditioning Retreat pamphlet

The second thing I realized is that while all of that stuff above sounds like it could be completely insane when you’re here it makes total sense. You WANT someone to feed you dirty leaves and tell you that you’re not getting married until you’re 38 (42 was thrown in there as a back up). You get here and something tells you that you NEED Wayan the healer to shove mint up your nose so you can kick the cold you got at the yoga retreat. I bought random pills at a farmers market last week that are supposed to help me detox and I’m like, SUPER excited about it. I’m not pumped to go out and drink with new friends, I’m psyched to clean my digestive system.

Wayan the Healer filled this out as she read my hand and body. It basically says I'm a mess.
Wayan the Healer filled this out as she read my hands and body. It basically says I’m a mess.

That is Ubud.

But beyond all the self-love and self-healing, there is the food. Delicious food is all over the place! We’ve checked out some amazing warungs (D’Waroeng and Dayu’s are our favourites), a killer sushi spot (Man Maru), great coffee shops (Seniman) and some truly tasty veggie/vegan restaurants (Bali Buda and Sari Organik for the win).

L to R: Gado Gado veggie style at Dayu’s Warung; Satay Lilit Ayam, Chicken Curry and Sambal Ulek made by Stevo and me; Beet Salad at Sari Organik

We even took a Balinese cooking class that not only taught us how to make the cuisine we’ve come to crave, but also included a trip to the local market, plus a day spent inside a typical family compound.

Cooking at the Lobong compound
Cooking at the Lobong compound

Fun fact learned at the compound: in Bali all boys have first names that are based on where they rank in the fam, so if you’re the first born you’re named Wayan or Gede, second is Made, third is Nyoman, fourth is Ketut — and if there are more than four kids it starts all over again. It’s like lazy parenting at its finest. I dig it.

So, what do we do when we’re not eating? We’re working at Hubud. An amazing co-working space that’s situated near the Monkey Forest (where actual monkeys live and hang), Hubud is like a giant treehouse that plays office to tons of digital nomads. It’s got a killer internet connection, comfy seating, weekly events on everything from how to make sambal to how to make an iPhone app, free coffee, and vegan snacks. It’s not a bad spot to write – see below.

hubudWe’ll be here until the beginning of February and then it’s off to Singapore for our first “visa run”. More on that process and adventure next time!

Talk soon, XO

Things I’ve Seen:

mountain market

offering before eats

nusa lembongan

meat market

nusa sunset

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